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TOR Head
Recruitment is currently open. We're an established guild looking for a few more great people to join the ranks.

Age 18+ (Wildstar is the exception to this rule).
In order to enter the chat room, you must be at least an associate of the guild.
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<The Old Guard>
WoW: Archimonde (US-PvP)  - Horde
SW:TOR:  Hedarr Soongh

The Old Guard is a guild of adult gamers looking to spend their time online enjoying whatever game they play, not micromanaging dungeons, dictating raids or over-complicating procedures.  Its a community of friends and online acquaintances.  Many of our members have been gaming for quite some time, not just in World of Warcraft but throughout many types of games and for many years.  We have also come from several well established guilds to form what we believe to be a very comfortable home.

If you are looking into joining our ranks, please use the "Join The Old Guard" link above and fill in the requested data.  An application will automatically be generated and forwarded to the appropriate parties for review.

<Imperium Aeturnum>
Wildstar : Warbringer (PvP) - Dominion

Imperium Aeturnum (Eternal Dominion) is our home in Wildstar because some noob took the name The Old Guard and parked it.  Guildchat in IA is PG-13 as we have a few members with older kids now who are playing the game.
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SW:TOR Server

Methedras19, Dec 12, 11 1:20 PM.
Hedarr Soongh is the server that The Old Guard has been assigned.  See you online!

SW:ToR Forums!

Methedras19, Aug 3, 11 11:36 AM.
In preparation for SW:ToR, forums have been tweaked to provide a home for SW:ToR related discussions.  Have at it!


I has a scorpion mount!

IamMordsith, Jul 13, 11 3:29 PM.
If this "news" post by Mord actually had content would the current icon size display properly?

Booyah!!! Level 25!!!

IamMordsith, Jul 13, 11 12:00 PM.
Congrats to everyone for their hard work in pushing the WoW guild to level 25!!!  /salute
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